Gallego Information Services

RECORDS, INFORMATION and KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT are the life-blood of countless organizations. Disorganization and inefficient record keeping result in lost time, wasted money and an overall lack of productivity.

GALLEGO INFORMATION SERVICES is recognized for detail and ability to obtain knowledge through observation and listening to staff performing the tasks.. Details are critical when it comes to streamlining and managing complex organizational information whether it's your hardcopy or electronic files. We provide an unsurpassed range of services to help organize and manage your records and information - to make your operation function with maximum efficiency. We save you time, which saves you not only money, but aggravation, frustration and headaches, as well.

Gallego Information Services provides cost effective, sensible and user-friendly solutions for all your record and information concerns. Benefits of an excellent records management program include: improved control, organization, and access; protection, security of information, and reduction of costs through technology and employee efficiency.

We provide customized solutions that meet your specific needs to make processing of the records and information more efficient, less time consuming and easy for employees to understand and implement.